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NJ Laundry Services

Laundry Angels provides NJ laundry services to customers all over Northern New Jersey. We conveniently pick up and deliver your laundry to your home or designated businesses.

Top-Rated NJ Laundry Services

Our laundry services are top of the line and top-rated. We service customers in selected zip codes with the intention to serve the entire northern New Jersey area.

Our Services Include:

  • Complimentary pickup and delivery with your order
  • Residential laundry services
  • Commercial laundry services
  • Service customizations
  • Emergency laundry services
  • Laundry help for seniors
  • Specialty items and services
  • Professional garment care

Wash and Fold Services

Laundry Angels provides customers with wash and fold delivery services right to your door. Our NJ laundry pickup and delivery service offers many benefits. Our customers love our services and your life will be easier when you let Laundry Angels do your dry cleaning. You can read about the benefits of using laundry services here and check our service areas.

Some Of Our Service Areas

Laundry Angels services most of Northern NJ. If you have a question about whether or not we service your area, please call us. We are always willing to get you on our list for laundry pickup and delivery.

More On Our Laundry Services

Here are some of the items we most frequently clean for our New Jersey customer-base:

Basic Clothes

We clean t-shirts, pants, socks, sweatshirts, jackets, underwear, and everything in between. Basically, if you wear it, we clean it!

And don’t worry about those delicate laundry items you are always scared to wash yourself. We are experts in laundry care and cleaning. We will take good care of your clothes!

Bed Sheets

Trying to clean sheets on your own can be a hassle. Depending on the size of the washer machine, it could take more than three cycles to clean the comforter, blankets, sheets, bed covers, pillow cases, etc. However, you can send all of those articles to us to have them professionally cleaned in no time! Avoid trying to find the time to wait for all of those cycles to finish and call us to take care of it for you!

Pet Items

Have you purchased a sweater to keep your furry little friend warm through the winter? Feel free to add it to your laundry and we’ll be happy to wash it for you. In fact, we can also clean your pet’s beds as well. We professionally clean pet beds of all shapes and sizes.

Sleeping Bags

These can be very difficult to clean especially after a few nights of “roughing it” out in the wild. We can professionally clean your sleeping bag to ensure that it is ready for your next adventure!

Bathroom Rugs

Many bathroom rugs have specific instructions on how they need to be laundered. If you are unsure of the cleaning method recommended, contact us to ensure your rug is exactly the same as the way it was before it entered a washing machine.

Special Instructions

If you have special instructions, you can feel completely confident in telling the Laundry Angels team. We want to make you happy and clean your garments the way you want!

All special instructions are followed so that you feel confident in using us for all of your laundry needs. Laundry Angels is the best delivery dry cleaning service around!

We take special care of our clients in providing exceptional laundry services to Northern NJ!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or special instructions on your order. If you have a favorite article of clothing that you would like to be separated from the rest and delicately cleaned, no problem! We want to clean and maintain your clothes exactly as you would prefer!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions. We truly look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your laundry services!