Call to Schedule! (888) 702-8765


You also may call us at (888) 702-8765 our hours of operation are 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM 7 days a week.

When can I order your service?

24 hours a day online at Laundry Angels or by calling (888) 702-8765 from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM

What exactly do you do?

We pickup and deliver laundry from and to your home.

What towns are your services available in?

Our services are available in over 80 towns in New Jersey. Click here for the full list of towns that we service.

What do you charge?

$29.00 minimum. $29 for the first 20 lbs of laundry, after that $1.70 per lb. Charges for comforters, blankets, doggie beds, sleeping bags, bathroom rugs etc. are separate as per price list.

Do you sort my laundry?

You can choose to have your laundry washed unsorted, or sorted into lights & darks.
If you choose to sort your laundry, lights and darks will be washed separately for an additional cost of $3.00.
If you choose to have Laundry Angels sort for you, we will sort into lights & darks and was seperatly, There will be a $6.00 cost for this.
$6.00 cost will be added to your order if you selected the option to sort your own laundry, but then do not actually sort it.

How is my Laundry packaged for delivery?

Your laundry is packaged and delivered in clear plastic bags, that are then placed in as many Laundry Angels branded nylon bags as needed, with your name attached. Each branded bag cost $6.00 and is yours to keep and use with subsequent orders.

What happens if I forget to put my bag out, or to cancel or change my order?

Your order can be cancelled as late as 8:00am on your service day, online, or by calling our facility. If your order is not cancelled or changed, and the driver is dispatched, we will charge a $9.99 missed pickup or delivery fee.

Do you have same day service?

No, check your zip code to see which days we pickup and drop off laundry in your area.

How do I pay for your services?

By either debit or credit card. We accept all major cards.

Can I do it over the internet?

Yes, after you create an account with us, you will be able to summon us with just one click.

I’m concerned about my personal information

We pledge that we will never sell or otherwise use the information we have about our customers for any other purpose but to serve you. It will never be sold, leased, or otherwise used.

Is your website secure?

Laundry Angels website is certified secured end to end. We take security very seriously and use state of the art software to protect your information.