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About Us

Welcome to Laundry Angels of New Jersey!

Laundry Angels NJ laundry pickup and delivery service does your laundry in a 5-star facility to give you the heavenly results our brand is known for. Laundry Angels uses 70 stainless steel, state of the art, electronically controlled washers and dryers in our beautiful Madison facility. Our machines are running for clients such as you and we can’t wait to take you on as a new member of the Laundry Angels family.

We service clients all over the state of Northern New Jersey. Check our service areas for your convenience here.

We are an expert Laundry team that will take out most spots on clothes and other laundry items. You can read about care of specialty items in our blog. If you let us know what caused the spot we will be able to give you an accurate idea as to whether or not it will be removed.

Laundry Angels Is Proud Of Our Excellent Service

Laundry Angels of Northern NJ is proud of our excellent quality laundry services we provide to customers all over the Garden State

Our services are best for people from all walks of life with many different needs and schedules. Chances are, you’d be a great Laundry Angels customer who could truly benefit from our services.

Laundry Angels’s clients include (but are not limited to):

  • families
  • busy professionals
  • people who want more free time
  • people who are unable to do the laundry
  • medically compromised individuals
  • people who do not have access to a washer or dryer
  • seniors who need laundry help
  • disabled people

More About Laundry Angels And Services

We have increased our wash and fold business 10x in the six years that we have been opened! We are so excited to have added so many new customers to the Laundry Angels family. And we know that you will be happy with our services!

We Use Quality Ingredients!

All of our years of experience have made us trust Tide Detergent and Downy Fabric Softener for best results. Read our great blog post here to learn more about laundry detergents that we love!

However, we know that many people have sensitive skin or babies in their household. Not every detergent is the best when you have allergies or need to be more careful and use specialty products.

We have all other laundry detergents available at no extra charge, just tell us what your preference is! We are glad to make accommodations based on what you want to use.

In addition to the detergents we mentioned above, we also use OxiClean for heavily soiled laundry. Clorox is used every now and again when we need to brighten whites. Additionally, we have commercial detergents available for other purposes and needs. Please just let us know if you are in disagreement with any of the products we use regularly.

Commercial Laundry Services

Laundry Angels proudly offers commercial laundry services, too! Read more about our corporate laundry pickup and delivery here.